Panopto content capture tool

This is the officially recommended content capture tool, approved for all members of staff. It is mostly used by academic staff to capture live sessions, seminars, compose pre-recorded sessions, and record live student presentations for assessment purposes.

Please take some time to read through the Content Capture Policy to explore possibilities in recording content for your learning and teaching.

All students have access to Panopto and use it to create recorded assessment artefacts. Panopto is an all-in-one video solution that works seamlessly with Moodle and on any device (Windows, Mac, browser, in-Moodle, mobile app). With a single click, you can capture the contents of your computer screen, along with your audio commentary and, if you wish, a video of yourself; your content is then automatically uploaded to the platform and is available online, on-demand.

The platform has a built-in search facility so students can search your content by keyword. Captions, which can be edited, are applied automatically. Click the link below to get started with using Panopto 

Frequently Asked Question

How do I access Panopto in my Module?

You can access your panopto videos from the block on the right hand side of your page and clicking on course settings in the panopto block will take to the panopto page and the specific folder. You can see the initial settings of the folder on panopto but you should be able to see the folder and its content below.

Be aware if you are using previous years panopto videos on your page then those videos will be in the previous years folder. Panopto has been set up so the current intake in that module code will see those videos. It is advised to keep current videos being used on the current module folder in panopto for when you update content. Below is how you can copy videos from one module folder on panopto to another.

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