Box of Broadcasts (BOB)

Box of Broadcast is an academic focused system which allows staff and students to search archived broadcast content from over 2 million broadcast. Users can create a modern and engaging learning experience that meets the expectations of students, with a reliable and academically focused archive of programmes.

Instructions for adding Box of Broadcasts media to your Moodle site:

  1. (Video guide)
  2. Online step-by-step guide ▼

Embedding a Box of Broadcasts Video

  1. Go to, click on sign in, type in University of Portsmouth and log in using with university username and password. Find the relevant video you want to embed.
  2. Under the video, click the < >Embed, a pop-up window will appear.
  3. Select the option Embed as code and copy the code
  4. Login to Moodle and find the module you'd like to embed the code in.
  5. Turn editing on.
  6. Click on + Add an activity or resource.
  7. Under Resources, select the Label resource and click Add.
  8. Click the Toggle Toolbar icon (Toolbar Toggle) to expand the editor options.
  9. Click the button labelled < >, a HTML editor window will open.
  10. Paste the code from Box of Broadcasts here and click Update.
  11. Click Save and return to course. The embedded video will show in the Label.

Frequently Ask Questions - FAQ

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