eLearning Tools

Bal Digital provides advice and support for the following elearning tools. Feel free to contact us for a one-toone training session if need and we will happy to assist you.

Moodle, H5P, and Turnitin

Moodle is the official Learning Management System. It incorporates various learning features relevant to sharing content, interactive activities, and assessment tools.

H5P is a plugin for existing publishing systems that enables the system to create interactive content like interactive videos, presentations, Games, Quizzes and more

H5P is activity plugin that can be used on Moodle to make creative and interactive content for students. We would recommend that it is used for more formative revision materials that students can interact with on a regular basis. 

Turnitin Assignment activity is an assessmnet submission dropbox where students can submit and receive feedback for assessments via Moodle. It allows instructors to assess and provide feedback for students’ written work using the assessment tools available within Turnitin’s Document Viewer.

Panopto content capture tool

This is the officially recommended content capture tool approved for use by all members of staff. Mostly used by academic staff to capture live sessions and seminars, compose pre-recorded sessions, and record live student presentations for assessment purposes.
All students have access to Panopto and use it to create recorded assessment artefacts.

Panopto is an all-in-one video solution that works seamlessly with Moodle and on any device (Windows, Mac, browser, in-Moodle, mobile app). With a single click, you can capture the contents of your computer screen, along with your audio commentary and, if you wish, a video of yourself; your content is then automatically uploaded to the platform and is available online, on-demand.

The platform has a built-in search facility so students can search your content by keyword. Captions, which can be edited, are applied automatically.

Zoom and Webex

Web conferencing tools for online seminars and online classroom sessions.
Zoom is a web conferencing tool commonly used by academic staff and consists of features necessary for coving live sessions.

For more information on other tools please use the links on the left of this page and if there are other eLearning tools you are interested in using please contact us if you need assistance with them.

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