Online Assessment

There are various methods available for lecturers to assess, check knowledge, and provide feedback online. All teaching staff are able to create and manage their own online assessments (e.g. dropboxes and quizzes). We encourage staff to create their own assessment artefacts wherever possible, as ownership of assessments sits with course teams. However, if required, BaL Digital can provide support with this through the use of our online assessment request form.

Which assessment tool should I choose?

The assessment tools available in Moodle have different features to allow them to be used for different purposes. If you aren’t sure which type of assessment you need, look at our assessment tool staff guide to decide which best suits your assessment strategy, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How to set up online assessments yourself

Please follow the steps provided in the guides below to create online assessments for your students and if you require assistance to ensure your setup is accurate please contact your Department’s Learning technologist.
Before you create your assessment on Moodle please ensure you look through the different assessments available to help you decide which one suits your requirements

Which assessment tool should I choose?

Online Assessment Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

Get answers to common assessment-related questions. If there are questions not answered here please contact us directly for assistance.

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