How do I get a Zoom account?

If you already have a Zoom account

If you already have a free or Pro zoom account using your University email address you will be asked if you would like to join or keep your account separate when you first log in. We recommend that you join your account so you no longer need to pay for an additional license. If you have any stored recordings you will need to download these before you join your account, you can re-upload these after you have joined your accounts.

If you choose not to join accounts, you will be prompted to change the email address on your account so it no longer uses a University email address. We advise you to join accounts so individual licenses are no longer required.

To convert your free or Pro account to a University of Portsmouth account that is fully licensed you must log into the University of Portsmouth domain using Single Sign-on (SSO) using the link below, choose Sign-in then log in with your University username e.g. bloggjs and password.

Set your account up

To set your account up, visit the link below and choose Sign-in then log in with your University username and password.

If you are struggling to get this resolved please contact IS ServiceDesk

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