Release grades in Turnitin Dropboxes

This page highlights how lecturers can release feedback to students from both Turnitin and Moodle submission drop-box systems, releasing grades with both systems are done differently.

Releasing Turnitin marks and feedback to students 

The image below highlights the dates and times for various processes related to how assignment dates and times are managed.

Start date - This serves as the date from when students can start uploading their documents to the drop-box.

Due date - This serves as the deadline date for students to hand in their documents to the drop-box, the date is determined by the lecturer and the  stadard time is typically set to 23.55hrs giving students a full day. Please advise your students not to submit last-minute,  any delays or problems may result in their grade being capped at 40%.

Post date - This is most relevant to what is being explained, it serves as the date and time set for marks and feedback to be revealed to student. This is typically set 20 working days after the due date and lecturers are not required to manually click any buttons to reveal the grades to students, Turnitin automatically releases the feedback and grades to student once that set date and time is reached.
When the post date is reached, anonymous marking will be switched off automatically and students names will be revealed to lecturers. Also there is no need to hide the assignment link from students while submissions are being graded, the post date ensures no feedback or grade is revealed until the date set.

Click here to view how to release grades in Moodle dropboxes

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