Tutorial video

Tutorial videos are one of the most common types of instructional e-learning videos, since they are essentially 2-10 minutes long videos which use multiple instructional techniques such as a direct instruction, follow-along guidance, quizzes and other interactive elements. The best ones are carefully planned and have high production quality.

BaL Digital team are always exploring new methodologies and techniques intended to improve student engagement. There are various strategies that can be applied to make recorded content both more engaging and valuable as we look to improve active learning approaches.

Watch an example of a tutorial video below


Scenario based videos

Scenario based videos are often used to prepare students real world client interactions, like showing scenarios in a mock trial courtroom and for teaching students soft skills like handling difficult situations and conversations. These eLearning videos can bring the real world into the classroom, giving students valuable understanding of new concepts at a much deeper level that better prepares them to use their new skills.

Watch an example of a scenario video below

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