Portland Video Studio

Portland media studio is where most of the Business Schools' high-quality videos are produced. These high-quality videos are bespoke and do not follow a prescribed template, they are planned, scripted, shot, and edited by the Senior Learning Technologist. Careful considerations are put in place to ensure the quality of the videos produced are of high quality and the timescale for high-quality media productions is dependent on a number of variables that need to be considered, 

These variables include considerations that are listed in the online media request form 

  • The type of production
  • The level of quality/style
  • The pedagogy that underpins its development and delivery
  • The number of people involved in the production. (Project lead, participants, stakeholders)
  • The quantity of videos to be produced
  • Is it simply a lecturer talking over their slides?

The diagram below illustrates the stages in place in producing high-quality media services delivered by the Senior Learning Technologist and an estimate of the time scales involved:

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