Moodle Overview

Moodle is an online gateway for academics to provide learning and teaching content to students. It allows students to view module materials, upload assignments as well as receive detailed feedback and grades, participate in online activities, communicate with tutors and many more.

Moodle has been used for a few years and most academics are familiar with how to add basic content to the Learning Management System. There are continuous efforts being made by the Technology Enhanced Learning Team (TEL) to enhance students experience the latest being the role out of Moodle Baseline. It features tabbed blocks which is inserted above learning and teaching content in Moodle modules (for the academic year 2019/2020).

There are efforts in place to improve the accessibility of the learning and teaching content on the web and application. Accessibility is about making sure everyone can use the websites and apps, especially people with disabilities, more importantly ensuring the Moodle content, website and applications are well designed to ensure consistency across the the board when it comes to student experience.

Here are some guideline to help academics with creating teaching content

Creating Accessible Word Documents

Creating Accessible Powerpoint Document (Coming Soon)

Powerpoint Presentation Template

Creating Accessible Module

Moodle Sections headings

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