How do I create groups in Moodle?

Quick answer
You can create groups from the “Participants” page

Full answer

  1. From your Moodle site, click on the “More” under the module banner, and select “Participants”.

  2. Next, click on the "Enrolled user" dropdown and select "Groups" from the list.

  3. On the Groups page, click “Create group”. (Alternatively, you can click “Auto-create groups” and specify how you want enrolled students to be divided into groups).

  4. On the Create group page:
    1. Specify a Group name.
    2. Specify a Group description (if required).
    3. Click “Save changes”. 
  5. On the Groups page, click on the group you want to add or remove users from. Click “Add/remove users”.

Click here to follow the simple steps on how you can add and remove users from groups 


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