Assessment Submission

Turnitin Submission Guide
There will be various methods used by your tutor in checking your knowledge throughout your study. Here we have information on some of the common assessment tools used and how you can use them to submit and receive feedback for your hard work. To start, we have Turnitin which is an online submission tool in Moodle with the added benefit of also being a tool for checking the similarity of a piece of work against existing sources. This is one of the most common tools used for accepting essay-written documents. We encourage you to interact with the simulation and videos below as well as read this document on Plagiarism and Turnitin to get familiar with the tools in readiness for your learning journey. Turnitin Simulation Activity Fullscreen view (suitable for mobile devices ) Here are two short videos that show how you can submit your assessment documents to Turnitin and how to make sense of the Turnitin originality report
How to submit your document
Making sense of Turnitin Originality report

Moodle Submission Guide

Moodle submission dropboxes which is commonly used for group work, multiple files, and artefact submission. This is a robust tool to manage your assessments. View the video below which shows how you can submit your documents to this online submission tool to receive feedback.
We also, Panopto video submission dropboxes used to assess group or individual presentation submissions with processes not that different from the other ways of submitting documents online. Lastly, there are multiple-choice question (MCQ) quizzes of various types based on how your tutor is looking to get the best of teaching and learning for your engagement and participation. Here is a basic guide on how you can interact with the multiple-choice question quizzes on Moodle.

Panopto Submission Guide

Panopto Simulation Activity Fullscreen view (suitable for mobile devices )

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